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Grettings my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! 💕👋🏼

My name is Jasmine. I'm a DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia Metro Area) native and I fell in love with REDEFINED TV over the summer of 2020. Coming across Pastor Jerry and Tanisha Flowers was nothing short of a devine intervention and alignment. I was literally fighting the weight of the world, carnal opinions of others as to what culture and society tell me I should be. Through REDIFINED TV, Im unlearning everything that was slowly poisoning and tarnishing my soul, and learning to see myself the GOD sees me. Im learning KINGDOM agenda through the representation of Gods Word. Im so blessed to be a part of a healthy, loving community and to have the opportunity to connect, learn and to continue my walk in Christ given the toolks, knowledge, support and love that are present here. 💕

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